The Potter’s Wheel

Some days I’m lost, some days I’m stuck, other days, I’m just left spinning. Everday I’m on the Potter’s Wheel.

Jesus is my potter and I’m his clay. His hands are ever upon me, and I’m ever placed within his hands. He made me a promise that he’d never leave me, nor would he forsake me, and he’s not a man that he can or could lie. His word tells me this.

The word of the Lord is my delight, and my shepherd is my husband. I seek to honor and to please him. My confession is I don’t always read his word like I should, but I do pray. I pray and I praise him. He is my portion forever.

I’ve gone into a state of isolation again. This state of isolation is different and deeper than the last. My first state of isolation was from pain of loss. My second state of isolation is also from pain, but the pain is different. My second isolation pains are from distrust. I trust NO ONE. Respect is given, trust is something that you have to earn from me. — I don’t mean to be this way, but I hurt, and I love, and I am breathing again, and I am feeling everything and everyone again, and I’m still getting hurt from everyone, and it’s ok, but it’s also making me tighten my small circle of people, making them even smaller.

I am virtually non-existent in the social media word. I have IM, but I only use it to talk to 4-5 people, all are of the same gender. I want to be who God has called me to be, and these sisters lift me up and lead me deeper into the presence of God. When I’m all cried out and praying God please take me, they remind me I have a purpose and the battle isn’t mine it’s the Lords. They remind me that God’s does not slack concerning his promises, but it’s all on God timing and not mine.

Jesus is shaping me into his image, I’m his vessel.

All the fear—GONE!

All the doubt–GONE!

All my heart–HIS!

I know God’s moving, and I know he’s moving soon. I know God’s going to come though, if you could see thing’s from God’s perspective and with God’s purpose in mind, you’d understand why I am fanatical about Jesus, and about allowing him to move.

My prayer for you is for you to seek him, hold to him, watch him move, he’s moving, and he is moving in his children’s favor. Remember it rains on the just and the unjust man. Life isn’t always fair, and I cannot tell you why bad things happen to good people. I cannot tell you why you have to face the obstacles that you have had to face or that you will have to face, but I can tell you and will tell you that with Jesus, you’ll get by, even if it’s in the stillness. Sometimes he doesn’t calm the storm, but he strengthens us as we go through the storm.

My storms haven’t stopped. But he’s making me stronger, and purer in his eyes. He’s making me faithful. My confession is I battle being faithful to everyone. I don’t want to be like that, and I refuse to be like that. That ended. I’m faithful to Jesus, and I’m standing on him. I’d rather stand on him than to fall for a bunch of lies. When I can’t breathe because the inner pain is too much, and my void of understanding has surpassed my capacity to comprehend, I cry, I cry to him. I don’t understand why things are taking so long, but I know he’s got a purpose. &.. I’m waiting, and I’ll wait a lifetime for his promises. I see them in the distance, and I hear him whisper, they’re coming soon, be faithful my servant.

This wheel has me dizzy. The impurities within me are much, but with much purging and forging Jesus is having his way, and I praise him. I praise him for the pain. Faithful starts with being faithful to Jesus. When someone loves Jesus more than they love anyone or anything, then they’ll love you correct, and you’ll learn to love Jesus because of them.

I’m so dizzy that I cannot think, and at times I think constantly. I just want to make Jesus happy.

reach out to me via email if you need me.

Remember I love you all, but Jesus loves you most!

Trust Jesus, the process may hurt a little, but I promise you it’s worth it!

❤ Christie

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