The Sliding Puzzle

How many of you have heard of one of these puzzles? The term may be a little confusing unless you’re a puzzle fanatic, but I’m sure just about everybody has worked one of these puzzles at one point in their life. How many of you have gotten so mad when working one of these puzzles, that you began plucking the puzzle apart and place it together the easy way? Now, don’t lie, most of us have. I’ll say it myself; I have. Some of these puzzles are just so confusing, hey why not, especially after working on it for hours, or even days, sometimes months or years. –Wait a minute what’s this crazy Jesus freak talking about again? Ahh… You caught me! And so, I’ll begin..

This is the year of fulfillment. This is the year of the promises, what promises; the year of the earthly promises of God to be fulfilled to his Children. The children of God who have walked by faith and not by sight, will see all the promises that have been made at the mouth of Jesus; one by one they will begin to be manifested, and all will be fulfilled; however, this is going to take mustard seed faith. How do I know? Because I see all my puzzle pieces, the ones that were once placed within my hands, and then shoved to the back of my head, have now came into my visual perspective, and I see them all laying out before my eyes in the form of a perfect sliding puzzle.

My problem, I’m unable to work this puzzle on my own. In reality I’ve been grabbing at these puzzle pieces, and looking for them for years, only I never was able to find them all on my own. I had an idea of what they looked like, but was unaware of when they would start appearing in my life, that was until recently, Jesus is bring back every piece that I was told existed, and still, I keep trying to pluck pieces out of place and just move them into position, instead of getting out to the way, and letting my beloved potter himself slide these pieces where they go one by one, piece by piece, perfect timing, perfect placement, perfect peace, with perfection by a perfectionist. You see there is none perfect, but one and that one is Jesus. He is perfect, and we will never get the picture just right unless we take our hands off the puzzle and allow him to maneuver the pieces the way he says they are to move, only then will they come together the way he says they’re meant to come together. Think about those sliding puzzles, again for just a moment, the more we try to force, or move something out of place so many times, into the wrong position, it becomes almost impossible for us to work it, that’s why it’s important, “That one!”, and I speak to myself first, when I say, “One, must yield to the voice of God.”

In this puzzle of life, our flesh gets in the way; can I get a raise of hands. I’ll do it. I’m guilty as charged. I get unhappy, mad and frustrated more than the average human, maybe it’s the ovaries in me (no offence women, but I’m a little irrational; I rolled my eyes at my own self.) I get mad and try to sort things out myself because things don’t work out the way that I want them to on my timing, on my accord. Ouch, that hit someone. Still, we are humans, but we must realize we are not the creator, and we are not the ones in control. Jesus is the creator, and when he gives us such bold promises, and such important pieces, we have to realize that these pieces are only going to fit properly if we take a step back and allow him to work the puzzle. So, what do we do? We have to be willing to move when he says move, step aside when he says step aside, and stay put when he says stay put, or in my case, shut up when he says shut up (Lord, I need duck-tape, with breath holes poked into it, it’s a little hard sometimes, and I can only imagine you shaking your head at me thinking, girl…. corner time, with a dunce hat, time out for you) …

❤ Do you know that God rejoices with us when we are happy, just like he scolds us when he’s unhappy with us? It’s true, he likes to hear from us. The conversations I have with my Jesus, sometimes I just rattle. People probably think I’m talking to myself at times. I’m not, Jesus is listening to me. ❤

Back to my point, oh yeah, the year of fulfillment, — I have had several dreams of this, and I have saw two visions since the new year, plus I see my pieces clearer each day. And God is telling me, come in line with me, and let me move them around, you just have to be willing to move under the sound of my voice. I’ve moved you all your life, and I’ll continue to move you, but take the break off, and let me bring fire to your bones, fire that will quench all the darts of the enemy, take on whole Armour of God, and hold up that shield of faith, and stand still. Don’t move, for I’m making all things new before your very eyes. Yes, you see me moving, and I see your faith is growing weak, but remember in your weakness, I am strengthened, only don’t let go, keep pushing, keep praying, keep communicating, and keep your eyes on me.

What you’ve been praying for is near, but lay aside every sin that is separating you from me, lay aside your own desires, and seek my desires and will for your life, for fire will soon fall soon, from the heavens, its falling to the altars of the saints and its spreading outward, its spreading outward to the nations, I’m raising up a God fearing generation, that everyone will know love the one true God, Jesus of Nazareth. I said in my word, that when the enemy shall come in like a flood, that I’d raise a standard up against him. The Just shall live by faith, and without faith is it’s impossible to please God. For God is a spirit and those that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. What is truth, the living word of God, and it is no variance. —-

Now I’m not trying to give anyone false hope, but I can only write it as it comes to me, in fact, I’m not really sure what is written, and sometimes that’s just how I prefer to write. I prefer to go back and read it when I am finished or rather when he says I’m finished, and see what Jesus says to me also, not just to you. These messages are for many, and God will lead those to read them that he desires to see them. Often, I do not think when I am writing, I ask him to take over, and lead me under his anointing. I will not quench once it begins to move, only I’ll allow him to lead my hands. It not possession, remember they accused Jesus of casting out devils by Beelzebub, well Beelzebub has no anointing and He most certainly has no authority over me, I know the God I serve, and I know my Jesus, whom leads me and he’s saying don’t fear and don’t doubt only know that I am near, I am near to thee, when thee cry, when they question, why god, why me, why her, why him, why god all these cards, they don’t make sense, why God, why this, why that, why god, why. I don’t get it, I’ve given my heart back to you, give me the desires of it, please God, I’m begging. But…Ouch, now this is going to hurt, the real question is, have we given him our heart because we love him or because we love the ideal of what we may receive. Even my own face, went a little slanted on that one when I went back to edit, and make corrections (not alterations). You, see, there’s a difference and he knows the difference. You see he tells us when we search for him with all of our heart, then we shall find him, not the part if you give me this Jesus, I’ll do that. Don’t act like you’re perfect, I’ve done it too. God, please make this happen, and I’ll do that God. I preach to myself first. Raise of hands. Ya’ll probably giving me thumbs down, but I guarantee this is hitting someone. I’m not hypocritical, I’m being real. He wants us all to know that his plans for our lives are bigger than any fleshly dream or desire, and I don’t’ want, what I want, to get into the way of his plans for my life or your life. I promise you his plans are greater, I’ve saw bits and pieces of the plans he has gotten for me, and a few pieces he has got for a few others, and I can only imagine how great the bigger picture is going to be. (When this perfect sliding puzzle comes together) Smile, it’s close, and only requires submission.

I feel like Job in so many ways, but I’m no Job, I’m more of a Christie. I’m just me ❤ I’m his witness, I’m a child of God.

I love you; I pray I’ve said something to help you, I have no idea what was written, I have to go back and read this one, it was fast, and quick. Usually they take longer to write, but this one was like a whirl wind. Quick it came, and quick it left, just like the wind, don’t we don’t know where it comes from nor do we know where it goes back to, but when God is ready, it will blow our way again, and then return to where it’s to go back to again.

John 3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

God loves you more in a one breath than I could ever love you in a lifetime, God loves you so much he wants you to trust him, even when things don’t feel good, and when the puzzle pieces aren’t going as we think they should. Submit yourselves under the almighty hand of God and he shall direct your path.

Think Abraham and Issaac, we all have one of those too, I know I have, (me shaking my head) yes, I have had an Issaac, did I lay it down, yes, will God bring it back, it’s the last promise to be fulfilled, how and where, and when I’ll never know, and neither will you if you don’t let God move the pieces himself. We are not to move them, rather we are supposed to move with God. I will tell you this the more we focus on the Issaac and when it’s coming back, the more we hinder God’s purpose. And I refuse to hinder God’s purpose, I’m so close to home, and I’ve waited so long, what’s one year, (actually, what’s 10 1/2 months?) compared to the time that’s passed. Hold on I say it’s coming… Hold on to Jesus, move when he says move, and press in when he says press in, for he’s glorious, and he shall never suffer his righteous ones to be moved.

❤ Ya’ll pray for me I’m still battling post Covid. (It sucks, but God is greater.)

❤ Dry bones in the valley Come alive, Come alive!

❤ I loves you, & Jesus loves you, yes you, Most!!!!

❤ Christie

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