Armour of the Living God

Rise up

Put on the Full Armour of God and walk in the Power that Christ has given YOU.!!

What the armor of God, and why is it important? The Armour of God is our protection. When worn properly through the Holy Spirit, it gives us the ability to STAND against all trickery of the Devil.

Let me make this clear, I refuse to give Glory to anyone except for Christ himself, but most don’t realize exactly how good the devil knows us. You see, it’s his job to steal, kill and destroy. He examines us daily, and he watches us closely. He knows he doesn’t have any authority over us, only that which we as individual’s all him to have.

So many people are making a joke about the devil, saying life on earth is hell, and it can’t get any worse, I assure you it can and it will get worse if you do not wear your Armour properly, and while you are busy making a joke about the Devil, he’s making a joke out of you, you are his pun, you are his pet, you are his toy, you are his puppet on a string, and you’re going to do whatever he pushes you into whether you realize it or not, if you do not belong to Christ, you belong to him. — Harsh, but I’ll type it as it comes to me.

1st Peter 5:8 -Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

He’s walking around looking for someone to devour. Will it be you? Do you have your mind guarded? Do you have your shield up? Are you willing to fight back with the word of God and place him in his place? Are you willing to Stand?

Let me give an example of how he sifts us..

The devil our adversary, knows all of our weakness, and he knows every crack that in our Armour. He knows if we have a big mouth, and if we get mad easily, so he’ll send people to trip you up on your mouth, and he’ll use the ones you love the most that you have been praying for (for years, or even decades,) to get into you, to make you sin. He wants us to sin, because sin on Judgement Day will be the only thing that separates us from Jesus. No sin will enter into Heaven.

He knows if you’re unhappy in your marriage, so he’ll send people to entice you, and to lure you away from your spouse, especially if its someone you’re already close to, and are friends with, and have been praying for. He’ll intentionally set traps up, and place emotions there, that aren’t of God, placing ungodly feelings, and ill intentions within both hearts.

And if it were possible, He would deceive the very elect of Christ. The Chosen vessels of Christ is among the ones he is after, because he knows like David, and Daniel, and Joseph, those people are the front liners for Christ, if he can take a strong man down, he’ll destroy a whole league of sinners, who are inline to be saved.

He knows if you’re broken and on the verge of losing it, so he’ll play on that every breathe and make you feel even more broken, and hopeless, and he’ll get so deep in your heart that he’ll make you want to take your very own life

If you’re not reading your bible, he’ll send you false prophets, magicians, fortune tellers, medians, false dreams, and anything that preaches prosperity, instead of truth. He does not want you to know the truth, nor does he want you to realize that the truth in Christ is the only thing that will set you free and preaching the truth in Christ is what will set our loved ones, family, friends, and the sinners free.

Put on the ARMOUR of GOD and STAND.

We are fleshly, but we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, when we battle, we are battling principalities, darkness, and rulers in the dark places of this universe, they appear to be heavenly but are full of hell, lies and deceit. They are the devils’ angels himself.

The carnal mind is enemy to God. We are to have a spiritual mind and seek the gift of Discernment.

We are to crucify our flesh Daily and walk after Christ and his ways. That sinner who you keep walking with today, and talking to may not take heed today, but sooner or later that Same Holy Ghost that’s within you, will pour over onto them.

Ecclesiastes 7:21-22 Do not pay attention to every word that is spoken, or you may hear your servant cursing you. For you know in your heart that many times you yourself have cursed others.…

John 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.


WE have no excuse for not walking in our power!

Stop perverting the word of truth, and start living it

!Come ye out from among them and be a separate people! Let your light shine!

If you’re blending in with the sinners, chances are you are, your armor is lopped sided, and needs to be adjusted, that’s ok, a closer walk with Jesus can fix that!!

I love you all, yes this is harsh, but I’ll no longer filter the gospel to flatter your fancy or your feelings.

Jesus loves you Most.

❤ Christie

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