Forgive Yourself – Transition Part 1

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve wrote. While I love writing, I cannot write if he doesn’t give me something. I don’t want anything to be out of myself, but I wish for everything to be beneficial for the Kingdom of Christ.

Jesus has begun my transition, and I believe that he wants to begin one with you also. In order to transition, sometimes we have to go into the Dark. We have to see that we have been crawling like a caterpillar, and then go into the cocoon of darkness where the breaking down begins to take place. During this breakdown things get sloppy and nasty. We have to allow ourselves to melt down from our former selves. We have to see ourselves through our own eyes and ask Jesus to take us through the process of removing how we see ourselves and replace it with how he sees us. And then when it’s said and done, let us fly where he would have us to fly.

The darkness and breakdowns aren’t easy. If it were easy, it would come naturally. The darkness is actually there to grow us, the breakdown is there to melt away everything we aren’t supposed to be, the transformation and building back up are for the comeback and are meant to lead us to our destinations.

Today Jesus began to talk to me about forgiveness. Saying you forgive others is easy, putting it into action is harder. You know what’s even harder? Saying you forgive yourself and putting that into action.

And this is the first step, forgiving ourselves. To forgive ourselves enables us to grow and move beyond any physical limits in our spiritual, emotional and physical walks in life. Only when we forgive ourselves will we be able to bloom into who God has called us to be. Without forgiving ourselves, we place limitations on what we are capable of. We will always live in that world of self-doubt, regret, limitation, fear, sometimes, solitude, but often setbacks.

Today God is saying “It’s time to forgive yourself, then will you begin to heal, and grow stronger in me” Part of the path that leads to completeness with Christ is digging deep into ourselves and looking at our own lives, our own mistakes, our own flaws, and our past decisions, our present decisions, and our future hopes, and asking him to begin to tear all that up, and show us ourselves in his image.

The question is how do we forgive ourselves? Jesus gave me an exercise earlier that I want to share with you. Feel free to pass this on if you chose.

“The Path to Self-Forgiveness”

Start with a piece of paper and a pen and begin to look deep into your heart and how you feel about yourself. Write this down, make a list if you need to. Then write what you feel is unforgiveable in God’s eyes. Next write what you cannot forgive about yourself. Now, the things you feel are unforgiveable in God’s eyes and the things you cannot forgive about yourself may be the same or different. Its ok to use multiple sheets of paper, and to make multiple lists. Take time to think during this process. Dig deep. Go into your hidden places, even your childhood, if need be, and ask God to show you things that you may not even realize are there. Invite the holy spirit to guide you in this process.

After writing these things, I want you to think about why you feel you are so unforgivable, and also write that down. For instance, you may write down you can’t forgive yourself for hurting someone you love, or you can’t forgive yourself for drug usage, or excessive weight loss. But what’s the reason you can’t do it? You may write I cannot forgive myself for hurting so and so because after I done it, they lost all hope, or they lost faith in me. or you may write I can’t forgive myself for drug usage because it has cost my family our home, and tore my children’s life in pieces, same way about the excessive weight loss (these are only examples) I cannot forgive myself for excessive weight loss because it made others think I was on drugs or anorexic, when in fact it was stress, I cannot forgive myself or excessive weight loss because at the time it made me feel good when it really lead to me being out of control trying to keep this perfect barbie image in this so mundane image of society.

Now, on a separate list, write all the things you think will happen if you are able to forgive yourself. Maybe you’ll be able to be more productive in your life and family. Maybe you’ll be able to get a better career, maybe just maybe you’ll step into a world of comfort and be free of all obstacles standing in your way. Take time to think on these things. Don’t rush.

After you have written all these things. I want you to look to the scriptures.

“If you forgive others the wrongs, they have done to you, your Father in heaven will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive the wrongs you have done. Matthew 6: 14-15.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me-Philippians 4:13

We are more than conquers through Christ Jesus.–Romans 8:37

As far as the east is to the west, he has cast our sins away. -Psalms 103:12

Now after reading these verses, I want you to pray, God help me to forgive myself. I can say it, but I need you to make it a reality. Take the paper and shred it, and place part of it in one hand, and the other part in your other hand and separate your hands from the east to the west and throw it away.

It sounds easier than it is. Now begin to pray and ask God to reveal to you how he sees you, that love that he as for you, and ask him to make the forgiveness a reality. Look into a mirror and quote scripture over your life. I can forgive myself through Christ who strengthens me. I am more than a conquer through Christ Jesus. Jesus because you tell me to forgive my enemies, today I forgive myself. I am my own enemy. Because Christ forgives me, I am able, and I chose to forgive myself.

This will take days, maybe months, but the outcome will be greater than the beginning. Speak it into existence daily. David encouraged himself in the Lord, now is the time you encourage yourself in the Lord. You see, the word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword, it cuts going in and it cuts coming out, allowing us to bleed out, but allowing us to heal in the image of Jesus himself. And sometimes the person we need to cut with that sword is ourselves. Over time this will get easier. And over time you will be able to step into your calling.

To everything there is a season, but seasons change, and we are supposed to grow with them, not swim in them.

Transition stage one-forgive yourself.

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