My Chloe, My Calm

Sometimes, I’m followed. But that’s ok. You following me has been one of the greatest blessings in my life, you following me, has been the sweetest calms in the biggest and most raging storms of all my days. I praise God for my followers, and I thank him for gracing me with your presence. Jesus knows I needed this or I would have never held on. He’s used you to even help me hold to him in my darkest of dark days, and I know he’ll continue to use you even if my dark days get pitch black, or turn snow white. — Though I never knew any of you, apart of my heart will always care and appreciate all the help you have given me, and even if the signs stop appearing, I’ll be forever changed by the experience of Hope and faith, I’ve been given though my Journey with the Lord, and how he’s used all of you to mold me when I’ve been coming undone, and being made whole — Thank you so much.

Meet Chloe – I got a feral kitten about 7 months ago and named him lucky, little did I know God was going to use Lucky to lead me to her.. Lucky was feral and too mean for the inside, so I decided to go on a quest for a kitten for Lucky, a buddy, a mate. While scrolling through Facebook looking for a Siamese looking kitten, I randomly came across this post with a white kitten, named “Chloe”, the owner was wanting to rehome her. Initially her looks stood out, then I saw her name and knew the Lord was speaking to me again. I contacted the owner immediately and asked if she was serious, because she was so pretty. She had this glow about her. Sure enough, she was serious and we made plans for me to pick her up the following day after I got off work.

Lucky meeting Chloe didn’t go so well, Lucky got meaner, and was even more feral, so I had to place him outside, where he quickly adapted and is no longer feral (for the most part.)..

Chloe on the other hand was different, she stood out. She was calm, non-aggressive, and had this personality that drew you in. Everyone that comes to my house loves Chloe, her looks are adorable but she’s soft paws. She doesn’t sink her claws into you. She’ll play and act like she’s eating you up, but in reality she’s only hugging you with her paws and not using claws to dig in (unless you have pork rinds, yeah she’ll eat you for those, and tear into my garbage if she smells them ❤ )

At first it was, you’re not getting in the bed with me, less than a week later, and from there on out she like to sleep with me and wake me up about 3am every morning just letting me know she’s there and purring in my face, that’s her routine. I can count on Chloe. Usually I respond with “I love you too Chloe, but I gotta work and you gotta lay down.” Sometimes, she even decides to lay on my chest, or just sleep at my feet.

Eli loves Chloe, they’re best friends, she’s his buddy, but my Baby. I could have searched the whole world over and never found another like her. She’s perfect. The right about of spunk, and the right amount of Sugars.

These past few months have really been the hardest for me, spiritual battle after spiritual battle, attack after attack. I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, but sometimes I just wonder when I’ll catch a break.

The morning after starting my blogs on here, all hell broke lose in my house (coincidence, I think Not!) I got so upset, I was ready to lose it all, and throw in the towel, and say No More, and Lights out. (let me tell you, I’m a warrior for Christ, for me to be ready to say that, know the storm was rough, and if I hadn’t came out of one almost as bad as that a few days earlier, I wouldn’t have survived this one.).. Never the less, I blocked a few of my closest of friends, my ride or dies, and said thank you, and they went to praying. — I went to my bedroom, with my airpods and Ipod, and these songs started playing that I hadn’t heard before. I’m a gospel music buff. I love the old hymns, but I also love the new stuff too. I just love Jesus music. Did you know they also had dance fit, Jesus music? Let me tell you, me and these thunder thighs of mine are all for that. ❤

Sailing back to my story, during this storm of storms, after I went to my bedroom, the spiritual, and emotional pain was so bad that it became a physical ache in my body. I quickly became balled up, holding my knees tight to my chest, crying my eyes out, wishing I was dead, while hiding myself in the floor on the side of my husbands bed.– I was paralyzed, I couldn’t move, I didn’t want to move. My husband had just told me he wished that dream would come true, what dream you ask? The one that the Lord showed my sister in Christ, and my 6 year old son that I was going to die, by me going in the water and never coming back out. I will not pretend to be a perfect little Christian, he cut me deep, and I retaliated, but not with words that harsh, I’m mean but I’m not that mean. My husband wished me dead. & I was going to give it to him, as soon as I picked myself up from questioning God why me while, being helpless in the floor. –

Then here came Jesus and Chloe.- ❤ Weary Traveler by Jordan St. Cyr started playing in my ears. First the lyrics started standing out to me, I Knew Jesus was speaking to me.. “Weary traveler, Beat down from the storms that you have weathered. Feels like this road might go on forever, Carry on. You keep on giving, But every day this world just keeps on taking. Your tired heart is on the edge of breaking. Carry on. Weary Traveler, restless soul, you were never meant to walk this road alone. It will all be worth it, so just hold on. Weary traveler, you wont be weary long.” – ; Chloe also positioned her self in my lap, my legs now stretched out on the floor so she could get comfy, and she was super loveable, and carried a calm in her that stood out to me, almost as though she was sent to pet on me, instead of me petting on her. You see, during this time of the day the kitten in her usually comes out ,she’s still in that adolescence stage; but not this day, She was my peace, I needed Chloe this day. A shift came upon my heart so strong, I knew I had to tell my friends I was ok, and I knew then God had more for me, so I dusted myself off, and went to church, remembering what Jesus had just done for me, and praising him all the way.

I don’t know what my future holds, but I know the one who holds my future. I know I can trust him in my darkest of times, and I refuse to be silent about what Jesus does for me. He is my story and he is my song. I’ll be praising my savior all my days long..

As for Chloe, I’ve placed my Christmas tree up, and before I could get anything on it, she made her way into it. Heaven help me, the tree will go before she goes. ❤ ❤ ❤

I love you all, & remember Jesus loves you Most.

❤ Christie

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