Owley Luca Danielle

(Al-lee Luke-uh Dan-yell)

Yesterday, I brought home Owley.

She’s a beautiful 6-week-old Himalayan mixed kitten, with sky blue eyes, and long cotton soft hair.

My heart is full.

Chloe is not so happy with her baby sister, I’m pretty sure, she would have rather her been a human.

Eli loves her. Eli insisted on me naming her Luca, while we fussed back and forth on the way to pick her up, with me saying “Owley” and him saying “Luca”, finally him whining over the name made me settle on Owley Luca, I threw the Danielle in there because it was fitting.

Chloe has a human name, so it’s only fair that Owley does too.

Last night I had another dream.

I dreamed that I had moved, and in this dream, I was inviting my old BFF from high school to come visit me. I had moved from the country and closer to the city. I remember in the dream I was pregnant and fixing to give birth. I looked up and, in the sky, there was letters that appeared and when I had used my phone to zoom in and take a picture, the letters spelled “DAD”.

I thank God for this. I look forward to what God has for me in life.

I have felt so bad over the past week. Last night was especially a tough night, the pain and drainage in my left ear is so bad. I woke up in pain. I didn’t sleep in. I know I serve a Jesus who is going to move. I’m praying against this major surgery that I am facing, and I’m praying for breakthrough and healing to come.

I will not be afraid to pray bold prayers because I know that Jesus hears me.

Yesterday, I had a friend of mine lay hands on me when I went to pick up Owley. As she was praying, I could sense and almost see the presence of an Eagle as she was speaking healing and God’s will over me.

Though I am weak in body, and begging god please just take this from me, I will be strong and mighty in Jesus. I refuse to believe the lies of the enemy anymore. My house will be saved, and every promise Jesus has made me will come to past.

I love you all and Jesus loves you most!


❤ Christie

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