The Frisbee

Yesterday’s playing was glorious.

The weather was warm, Danny was hoeing the garden and I was left to amuse myself with my boys, who wanted to enjoy the sunshine.

Eli wanted to toss his light up football, and Syrus asked me to engage in a game of frisbee. Childlike. I’m usually not the one to engage in play of this sort.

I’m a video gamer, hand me the Nintendo switch controller, and put some good ole Mario in the console, and I’m good to go. You can set me on a swing set in the park, and I want to listen to music, and isolate, place me on a track and I love to walk. But, if you place me in the floor with a bunch of toys, yeah, I have no idea what I am doing. I’ve lost my sense of imagination when it comes to the simple play of a child.

Yesterday was different.

As Syrus threw the frisbee and it came swiftly my way, I surprised myself when I managed to catch it, and I threw it back at him, he also caught it right in his hands. The back-and-forth motion and engaging with 2 sons, that I had lost sight of over the years warmed my heart. I felt the beat in my chest thump harder for them, and the smile on my face hurt because it was very real. I loved them harder, and I fell in love with them more. My rug rats. My soft spots. My mommy and baby time.

Syrus will soon be 15, and he’s almost all grown on me, Eli is 6 and he’s… Well, Eli is Eli. Self-explanatory. You’d have to know him to understand it. Looking at these babies that God has given me and seeing the differences but likeliness in their personalities is amazing. (Note, I have a daughter too; Jaylah, but for now I’m going to mention these rotten boys ❤ )

Both are obviously boys, Eli is brown headed, and Syrus is a blondie, (I’m so jealous). Both are lefties, (mom and Jaylah are righties). Both eat different. Eli has what’s called sensory processing disorder, so his mind doesn’t comprehend food like ours does. He literally lives off a hand full of foods, and he’s on the waiting list for our local AVA center, to be checked for autism, he may or may not be on spectrum, it’s obvious that he’s a little different than other children his age. Syrus is just a picky eater, and I give him two-thumbs up to that, condiments are just nasty, unless its cheese or very little ketchup and or BBQ sauce. Eli hates loud noises, as for Syrus the louder the better, Eli’s issue with sound is partly sensory, Syrus’ love for loud sounds is his age and man hood setting in. The louder the engine the more he’s intrigued. Eli takes music by spells, (unless it’s some crazy funky chicken nugget you-tube hit), Syrus loves hard rock, metal, and anything heavy. He’s maturing on me way to fast. Both boys love mommy at times, and despise her at other times (yay, me for having the tough job, of making youngins do chores and get up for school). And most of all, but not least of all, both boys are growing in the lord.

Recently I’ve saw Syrus take a spark for church, (Jesus, even when I don’t feel that you’re moving, you never stop moving). Eli usually always adds to my prayer list, with random people and random things. The want: in Syrus is what stands out to me the most, he wants to go to church, he wants to be there with the other kids, and interact with them. My social misfit that everyone says doesn’t stand a chance, is wanting to go with Mom to church and hang out with kids from church. Why is this such a big deal to me, because I see a boy gravitating towards the change of a lifetime, I see my Jesus taking hold of his plow and leading him forward. I see my Jesus using what Syrus loves, which is other rowdy children, and he’s showing him its ok to be rowdy but still be civil. I see Jesus working this out for his good, and I see Jesus taking my misfit/my somebody and turning it into his perfect creation, one dearly beloved by himself and the father, and I see my Jesus turning Syrus into his witness. Yeah, sure it may not happen today, or tomorrow, but I’m telling you one of these days, my Jesus is going to make that boy a man, and a preacher, or possibly a prophet. I’m not sure what he’s got in store for him, but I do know that Jesus has greater things in store for him, and as his mother I’m so excited and I’m his biggest cheerleader. Also, one of these days Eli will grow into his calling too, again I have no idea what that its, but I’ve saw it growing for years, he loves to help pray and participate in church, and even if there is a time when Eli steps away from God for a little while, I know God will bring him right back into it. My God is faithful, he’s loyal, and he’s never failed me yet, nor will he ever fail me.

As for my Jaylah, she too is one of a kind, years and mishaps have kept us from being as close as I would like, but I too know that one day Jesus will bring her back in perfect harmony. As for now I’m her biggest fan, (you’d have to know the situation more clearly, on a daily basis to understand it; I left it in God’s hands years ago, and he’s standing faithful to me always).. Jaylah is my little hurricane, one day I’ll write about her, but not today.

As for the game of frisbee, I look forward to playing more with my sons, and maybe even Jaylah. I look forward to Eli bouncing back and forth like a monkey in the middle, dodging the flying disc. I look forward to my heart racing and the smiles being oh, so real, and the love being as pure as heavens design of love. I look forward to growing with them in the little moments and learning in the tough ones. I look forward to loving like Jesus, while showing my scars, I look forward to being their mother and his wife. I look forward to doing that Jesus has called me to do, and waiting on him as he leads every step, hour and day. I look forward to the fulfillment of his promises, from the very greatest to the very least.

Jesus is my greatest promise, and the others are all secondary to him. Jesus gave his life for me and for you too, Jesus is making a way in the wilderness, you just have to believe. Hes making solid waste lands, highways where pools of living water will be found. He’s making straight paths that are fit for a king’s shoes, he’s making a Witness out of me.

Child of God, Drug free, Wife, mother, Witness. This who I am, perfectly flawed, and perfectly accepted by my Lord, King Jesus.

Can you Catch a Frisbee?

Remember I love you always,

But, King Jesus loves you most!!

If you need me reach out to me via email.

❤ Christie

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